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Editorial Policies

Peer Review Process

JSALT adopts two-staged evaluation of manuscript submissions, namely, Preliminary Screening and Double-Blind Peer Review. All manuscripts received are preliminarily screened by the Editorial Board to assess their conformity to the objects, submission guidelines and scope of the Journal, and suitability for submitting it to the review process. A manuscript may be rejected without it being submitted for peer review if the Board of Editors decides it as inappropriate for publication in the Journal for its poor quality or unsuitability.

Those submissions that successfully go through this preliminary screening process are submitted to the double-blind peer review, which involves two independent peer reviewers to whom the manuscripts are sent anonymously.

The Board of Editors considers all manuscripts submitted together with corresponding review reports. It makes the final decision, obtaining advice from the Editorial Advisory Board whenever necessary, regarding their publication. The Reviewers are responsible for certifying the validity and accuracy of the publication of manuscripts as well as to advise authors to improve their work. They will ensure that

  • the manuscript contains a body of work carried out within the norms of scientific inquiry and ethical considerations, and
  • the conclusions are arrived at through a valid and logical interpretation in keeping with established knowledge.

In performing their task, the Reviewers are expected to

  • maintain confidentiality pertaining to the content and authorship of the manuscripts made available for review,
  • refrain from disclosing own identity to the authors,
  • deliver the review in a timely and through manner,
  • provide detail comments that are constructive for further improvement,
  • be fair and consistent and not be biased by personal views, and
  • refrain from reviewing a paper which may construe a potential conflict of interest.

Review articles are not sent for external peer review, but are reviewed by the Board of Editors. The average time duration for reviewing a manuscript depends on the content, but generally takes between two to three months.

Members of the Board of Editors and Editorial Advisory Board are not entitled to publish their research papers in any of the particular issues they edit. However, Review articles compiled by members of the Board of Editors or Editorial Advisory Board may be published, but the internal review of such submissions and decisions therein are made in the absence of the relevant Editorial Board member.


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