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Reading: Transport Logistics: Redefining Logistics in Transport


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Strategic Perspectives

Transport Logistics: Redefining Logistics in Transport


A. S. Kumarage

University of Moratuwa, Moratuwa, LK
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Department of Transport and Logistics Management
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The terms Transport and Logistics have historically been used independently of one another. While the meaning of transport relates to the critical function of providing mobility, the understanding of logistics varies sharply between its different application contexts, from Military Logistics in early stages to its current application in Supply Chains referred to as Business Logistics. Logistics is generally understood as the processes associated with handling goods within a supply chain from its raw material supply to production to consumption, including its Transport during the multiple segments of the journey. Transport research also treats Logistics as those activities that support consuming transport itself as a means of satisfying mobility requirements but again mainly confined to the movement of goods.


The recent emergence of 'Transport & Logistics' in academia and research further confuses the scientific study of mobility issues. However, this understanding is less obfuscating in industry, as each employs it in its specific context and understands it differently.


This paper proposes the term Transport Logistics to identify the logistics associated with the different forms of transport provision. The etymology of terms Transport and Logistics have been consulted in its deduction. The paper concludes that passenger transport and goods transport have similar logistics activities to understand them as a single field of study. Moreover, the paper asserts that Logistics is a well-defined rational and logical process that can solve a difficult or complex transport problem.

How to Cite: Kumarage, A. S. (2021). Transport Logistics: Redefining Logistics in Transport. Journal of South Asian Logistics and Transport, 1(2), 93–104. DOI:
Published on 24 Sep 2021.
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